a. Introduction

INSPIRATION behind my approach: Humanity needs nature, but nature does not need us. We receive provisioning, regulating, supporting and cultural service from the environment we live in. These ecosystem values and benefits are known as ecosystem services (ESS). These services are not always visible or understood, but our survival depends on their protection . They are best managed through a network of protected areas of various classes and tenure that transcend international boundaries.

Conservation through National Parks was originally developed in the USA to protect scenic values and features. Later on the value of tourism was realised and developed to utilize and support conservation Today, the protection of natural resources through the ESS approach, has expanded initiatives beyond park borders to the surrounding landscapes and the people that sustain themselves from the natural services they provide. The ESS approach has proven to be more successful in motivating and inspiring conservation inside and outside protected areas. My journey of the last 50 years has inspired me to talk about and demonstrate the invaluable lessons I learnt and make it available to partners and participants in this most important action of mankind.

The thin red line approach to the storyline. The concept of the thin red line of logic is used to tie the thoughts together. The basis for the thinking is that each step in the process of understanding is logical and leads to an understanding of the next step. This is a crucial principle in providing insight into a complex process.

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